Monday, December 11, 2006

the pleasures of digital interactive media....

the most valuable thing i learned in this class this semester?.. wow... that warrants a harsh but truthful answer.

most valueable thing(s) learned:
-- how to squeeze the most out of my free time without jeopardizing responsibilities
-- scheduling time to work out of class is a very hard thing to accomplish
-- HTML...there; i said it... i hate html coding.. i hate writing code.. i hate talking to computers.. but i can manage making a webpage without it looking too horrible and have it get something done
-- flash animation... i love drawing, and i love watching my drawings move.. if there was truly a great thing learned in this class, it has to be flash... but only the drawing aspect.. the actionscript stuff rubs me the wrong way(i think it has a lot to do with talking to computers and having them do what i want them to do)

now to the gritty part....

if there was anything i truly enjoyed in this class it has to be the animation. i enjoyed the hell out of that. i hated coding anything, but i learned it grudgingly.

if there were an assignment i would change or elimnate all together, it would easily have to be the netart project. what a horrible experience that was. aside from javascript coding, i had a hard time wrapping my finger around the relevance of making a book, and a piece of abstraction for the world-wide-web. but i imagine the purpose of the project was to get us(the students) out of our comfort zone. but even tho i did the project, i had avery hard time understanding the "why" aspect.

this section may be a little hard to read, but i feel it must be said. i really liked the class; how it pushed us(the students) to learn a lot in a very short amount of time. i imagine anyone can learn anything if they are forced to wade through problems on their own in countless hours of struggle. thats how a lot of people learn: hardships. i just wish there was more time to learn the subject material.

oen thing i found very diffuclt to do was getting projects done on time. i know there are as many excuses as there are people or stars, but it is very hard to meet deadlines when they fall on a monday. it may be a personal thing, but i found it very very difficult to get anything done for a monday when i work weekends 50 miles off campus. that leaves very little time for working on projects, when i can only work on them on campus. in short... i wish there were more time in class to work on projects so i and other students could ask questions when the teacher is assuredly in class. its a little diffcult and frustrating contacting the teacher for questions via email, sending attachment files and the sort.


the class could be bumped up to a 5 credit hour course rather than a 3... then i would understand the insane amount of time spent on projects out of class. that boggles my mind as well.

i have never had to work so hard in a class to get things done in a timely fashion. never. it is KIND OF refreshing getting things done. i get a sense of accomplishment. but the whole semester i felt i was focusing A LOT on a single 3 credit hour class, watching my other class grades drop as i try to scramble to get everything done.

i think this class needs to be looked at carefully and realisticly by the staff. something has to be changed to alleviate some of the pressure.


with all of that said: the class overall was a GREAT learning experience. i have to admit that i DID learn a lot in such a short time. i just wish my hair didnt turn grey on me so young.

that was a lot of writing, but i felt a lot of it needed to be said.


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