Wednesday, September 05, 2007


A pamingo(character thing) opens a package that contains happiness, but he has never experienced it before.


Blogger Joshua said...

I am guessing that a Pamingo is a made up creature of your own. I googled it and nothing came up.

BUT, in terms of your story, it is a little unclear. I dont know if this is/was your plan for your actual animation, but it still seems very much so in the working stage.

In your "seven sentances", you use the word 'thing' alot when describing the box and what comes out of this box. Also, if you were going to stick with this, youd really have to think hard on how to express this happiness, as well as the idea that Mr. Pingo hasnt experiance happiness on its own.

In the end, Id say your idea is like blowing glass. Right now its a bit on the lumpy side. But with more work, it can be smothed out to become something perfect. keep it up.


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