Wednesday, September 05, 2007

7 sentence story

seven sentence:
1: A pamingo is sitting at home when he notices an unopened package.

2: He opens the package to only be bewildered by the objects/sounds/lights within.

3: The character pulls out a thing of happiness but attributes it to basic instinct(hunger, thirst, bored, excited)

4: The box bounces around and spits out something happy only to get stepped on by the pamingo for its noise.

5: a small form of pamingo pops out of box along with something happy, small demonstration ensues.

6: self realization ensues and pamingo leaves his home/nest/house thing to discover happiness on his own.

7: Box closes and bouces away.


Blogger kaniz bokhari said...

The idea of unopened box is interesting. It is like that pamingo never knew about these feeling before and after opening this box he realize the missing part of his life.
I have a question about pamingo ,what is nature of this pamingo? It was board before and had no excitement in its life. How you going to show that he is leaving to discover happiness. This story has a emotional depth and practical message.

2:28 PM  
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