Monday, September 24, 2007

Revised and Expanded Story

Kal the Pamingo rummages through a debris pile close to his home. He left his abode early in the morning with the new morning sun at his back, his body casting dim gray shadows on the road ahead of him. As Kal sifts through a new pile of debris deposited by an orbiting chute, he wipes off loose dirt and soil from a curious looking container. He slowly stands up and twists the container in his hands feeling the rounded edges of the cubic looking container. He peers down at it's gleaming smooth surface curiously and holds it up in the early morning light to notice the container is semi-opaque in it's center. In the dim light Kal sees a sillouhette of an object inside of the container, and he brings it closer to his face. As the container is brought closer to his face, it jolts and opens up jarringly and viciously snapping at Kal's face. Kal tosses the object down to the debris laden
ground in a brief stint of fear.

The container bounces around briefly, as if angry then stops abruptly kicking up a cloud of dust as it heavily drops to the ground on it's final jump. Kal cocks his head as slowly approaches the container once again, his eyes fixed unblinkingly on the container. As he gets closer the container commences to writhe and bounce angrily, Kal kicks the container and it forcibly smacks into a nearby wall, knocking over some boards and metallic objects. Kal grabs a board and starts swinging wildly at the container as if to knock it senseless. Kal slows his beating as he grows tired from a constant onslaught of board swinging mayhem. Kal hunches over and drops the board, it resonates off of the cold stone ground and the surrounding debris field. Kal trudges towards the container with heavy feet.

He stops as the container slowly staggers back and forth in front of him, then opens from its center. Kal's eyes widen and a smile spreads across his face as he regains some stregth to bounce towards the opened container. To Kal's delight he can see a
small glinter of something revealed inside of the container, he quickens his stride. As he stops to bend over and separate the object from the container, the container growls and instantly latches onto Kal's hand, completely engulfing his hand up to his forearm. Kal winces in pain and shakes his hand vigorusly for a brief time to try and free himself from the container. He stops after the container closes around his hand. Kal regains his composure, and begins his trek home over the debris as an orbiting chute starts to desposit more debris; another container is seen falling from this chute as Kal's leaves the pile behind unflinching.

Kal opens the door, which is a lashed together sheet of wood and metal objects, to his shack made of various debris. He kicks some loose objects that are in his path as he closes the door and makes his way into his dimly lit shanty. Kal smiles as he detaches his forarm and hand, and places it on a table cluttered with many other hand filled containers. He plucks another arm off of his arm laden wall and smiles as he glares at his table full of trophies.


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