Monday, October 01, 2007

Story Survey

This story thing is a lot harder to achieve than previously thought. I am mostly a very very linear and objective thinker, this story conception of something "internal" escapes me.

After weeks of concepts, ideas and various story themes; my story keeps changing as much as the seasons change, or the tide rolls in. Every week is something new. But i think i am getting closer to something "internal". I have to find a theme and i think i found it.

What is the "goal" of the main character?
Kal is trying to get the contents of a container.

What is the "need" of the character? What are his fatal internal flaws?
Kal needs to overcome his inherit flaw of over curiosity. Almost over compulsive to the point of losing his family and friends.

What is the difficult choice the character has to make? what is the central dilemma?
The container contains a curiosity so intense that Kal will go through any turmoil to get it, even his worst fear. Impulsive behavior can lead to personal demise.

What is the character's worst fear? what is the psychological obstacle?
Kal's worst fear is tight spaces. He is claustrophobic. In order to get the object he must squeeze himself into a cluster of debris. The space is very unstable, but Kal's insatiable urge leads him in to acquire the treasure.

What/who is the antagonist? How does the antagonist embody the inner conflict of the character?
The object is the antagonist. It knows Kal has the urge to go through anything to acquire it's contents, but doesn't worry about Kal.

What is the relationship between the antagonist and protagonist?
The container is a recent addition to the junk pile that Kal has a daily routine of going through. As far as an in depth relationship, there is none, save the insatiable desire of Kal's to acquire nice shiny objects.

Describe the character arc. he/she must hit bottom before coming back up. Kal really really wants the object and goes through physical obstacles to get it. It is hard to open, it snaps at him as he picks it up, it is a very trcky object to acquire. Kal jumps through every hoop the box throws at him until the box ducks into a tight confined unstable space. He hesitates but enters regardless. While inside, kal starts to get delusional but still focuses on the object in front of him. The space starts collapsing but kal can either continue to get the object or leave the space. Kal hesitates as he reaches for the object but retracts and attempts to flee the collapsing structure.

What is the climax of your story?
I would have to say it is that final decision of getting the object or fleeing with his life.

describe the resolution.
As Kal retracts from the collapsing structure, he does not make the escape. He lays under the debris, fearing for his life in the confined space, hallucinating strongly that everything around him is alive and desiring to eat him alive. The debris closes in on Kal, he braces himself for his imminent demise but finds himself swiftly free from debris overhead. He finds himself looking up at the sky with multiple containers clearing debris. Kal grabs one of the containers as he leaps from the debris, he pulls out a prying tool looks eagerly at the container while the containers fall silent and watch Kal intently fearing for one of their own. He drops the prying device and then the container.

The dilemma resolution through the theme. What is this theme?
I would venture to say the theme is simply "wealth is not everything".


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