Monday, January 14, 2008

The Metamorphosis

well, i suppose i spelled metamorphosis right, considering that it looks properly spelled. maybe not to webster, but to me it looks right. anyways

i would have scanned in the 2 images, if i didnt leave them in the lab this weekend. but regardless i do have a plan as to how i will switch from one image to the next in a reasonable timeframe.

since i dotn have the pics scanned currently, i will describe what they are. be patient, the images will be posted within the next day or so.

image#1: easter island statue head on a hill in a sort of 3/4 shot angled to the left of the card

image#2: elephant with bird on head

both images are fairly simple and easy to make up ideas for.
idea #1: frames: 1-19 the bird flies in and lands on the statues head
20-30 statue flinches as bird lands on head curiously looking around and blinking
31-42 head pauses and realizes it is a bird on its head and takes a deep breath
43-50 statue keeps expanding and starts sucking in the terrain(terrain being the horizon line)
51-58 statue inhales bird, expands to full capacity
59-65 statue holds full air capacity with much effort
66-72 statue blobs out to a round shape
73- 78 blob forms elephant shape, releasing bird
79-85 bird lands on elephant head, proceed to next person

idea#2: frames: 1-10 statue twitches nose
11-20 statue sneezes, bird escapes through open mouth
21-28 statue settles as bird lands on head
29-36 statue looks upward at bird and leans sideways to pull out a buried hand to swat at bird
37-45 bird dodges swipe as statue gets disgruntled
46-58 mass of birds enter to land on statue
59-70 mass chases statues off of frame, hillside pokes head out of ground
71-85 hillside morphs into elephant as bird lands on head, proceed to next person

those are a couple of starting ideas that i am pretty excited about doing. either way, even if these ideas don't stick, i will have a good time with this project.


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