Monday, October 29, 2007



As the camera tilts down from the darkened red colored sky to the dingty debris laden field below Kal is introduced walking foot first into the frame. The camera comes to a rest at the foot of a pile of debris looking up as Kal climbs the mound, kicking up a few small objects that drop and tumble down the hill as gravity catches them. Kal stops at the top of the mound and the camera cuts to where Kal is looking: A tin can large enough to fit ontop of his head. The angle cuts back to a medium closeup of Kal as he reaches for the can full of anticipation and glee.

Kal loses his balance as the camera shakes and a loud rumbling sound is heard. Kal looks over towards the ominous sound, the camera looks over towards the sound and pulls focus on a bright light slowly moving in towards a group of fleeing pamingos in a clearing between debris piles. The camera then shakes again shifting the attention back to Kal, who regains his balance then looks quickly over at the original goal of acquiring the can. The scene cuts to the can about to lose its balance and tumble down the opposite side of the hill. Right as the can is about the tumble, a fixed medium shot is taken at Kal, who quickly snaps towards the can leaving the frame but returning quickly holding the can infront of his face smiling gleefully and quickly places the can on his head. After making sure the can is placed skillfuly on his head, Kal turns his attention to the clearing and starts bounding down the hill, the camera pans right keeping the incoming light in the upper corner of the screen as Kal descends the hill.

As Kal stops, the camera stays on the original hill and then cranes up to look down at him in the clearing. A handful of pamingos can be seen scurrying getting better cover while Kal looks up towards the light which is only indicated by the spotlight around Kal, the source unseen by the camera. The scene then cuts down to an over the shoulder view behind Kals right shoulder looking up towards the light which is slowly wavering left and right, casting deep shadows of Kal in according directions. Kal raises both arms up towards the light, the camera slowly rotating to a closeup of his face of a huge smile and fixed gaze, unblinking. The camera dolly's back to get a long shot of Kal who starts to dance and wave at the light. The camera shakes once more and Kal takes a step back retaining his tin-can hat, a pamingo is seen frantically fleeing from behind some cover and up the hill behind Kal.

As Kal reaches into one of his pouches, the scene is quickly engulfed in falling debris and the camera cuts quickly to behind a pamingo looking down at the clearing with debris settling where Kal once stood. The pamingo stands up and worringly scans for Kal in the direction of the new debris hill. a matallic ping is heard and the pamingo refocuses his gaze back up towards the light where Kal can be seen dangling close to the light. The camera cuts back to a medium close up of Kal as he grasps the edge of a metallic shell and a home-made suction device. The camera stays fixed close to kal, but the background slowly drops away and the object Kal is holding on to starts to ascend towards the red sky. Kal looks over his shoulder back down to the debris field, the camera follows his gaze, but still clinging to the light. As the camera comes to a rest where the clearing once was, a handful of Pamingos are seen entering the clearing and looking up towards Kal as he slowly approaches the sky. The camera cuts to a closeup of Kal's face looking over his shoulder down at the pamingos, his smile slowly fading as he has a self realization. He looks down frantically. the camera cuts to where Kal is looking: the ground is dangerously far away, the horizon is getting rounder. The camera cuts back to a close up of Kal as he clings to his suction device. he closes his eyes, the camera stays fixed on Kal in a closeup, but slowly drops back to a medium shot where kal can be seen fully clinging to the light.

The camera cuts to a dark terrain with a red sky, the horizon barely discernable. Light enters the scene as a spotlight gets closer. The camera shakes as a dark object enters its field of view. it then cuts to a medium shot of Kal as a rumbling sound is heard, Kal opens his eyes and flinches at the sudden sound. He looks down, then looks at where he is grasping.the camera cuts to the suction device. The suction device is losing its adhesion. it then cuts back to the medium shot. he frantically pushes on the suction device in an attempt to readhere the device to the metallic shell of the light. An extreme close up zooms in from the medium shot to the suction device. the suction device detaches from the light and the scene cuts to a slow motion profile shot of the light, a horizon, kal, the can-hat, and the suction device. Kals figure sillouhetted on the horizon. real time starts up within a second and a thud is heard. The camera cuts to a medium shot of Kal who is half engulfed in light, he grabs his head and stands up. He looks up, the camera zooms out to a long shot, Kal raises his arm and touches the metallic shell of the light. sun light from the horizon enters the scene. The camera shakes and the light starts to ascend towards the red sky once again.

the camera cuts to a medium shot from kal's feet, the can in the center of the view. Kal then bends over and reaches into the frame to grab the can. the scene cuts to a closeup of Kal's face as he places the can slowly and precariously on his head. His eyes can be seen scanning the new terrain. He quickly tuns around, looks left and then right; the meantime the camera staying fixed. Kal faces in the original direction, his expression full of sorrow and grief. He lets out a long sigh as the camera dollys out from Kal to an establishing shot of a near barren surface, save a hill or two of debris and a handful near the horizon. The camera continues to dolly out to an extreme long shot of Kal as he slowly trudges towards his new home.


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