Monday, February 04, 2008

There are a few issues impacting the world in which we live. After some recent delving and study i have concluded that something needs to be done. i have an idea or two as to what can be done, should be done as well as perhaps could be done.

this is not just an assignment to me, perhaps it hits deeper. my only concern is the new media that i will be using. pixelation. not very savy on the concept, but apparently i have to get something together in less than a week, so... i suppose i have to learn quickly.

well... part of this is to list 10 critical issues of global warming and 10 things that can help or reslove global warming.

1. co2 in the atmoshpere is making the atmoshpehere a little more retaining pertaining to the retention of heat the sun sends our way.

resolution: co2 is the product of respiration, we exhale c02, plants breath in co2. so perhaps there needs to be something done about deforestation. more plants means the reduction of some co2. but if that can not be done, perhaps we can all get gas masks with c02 scrubbers so we dont release it into the atmosphere. we need to breathe right?

2. increase in heat retention causes ocean currents to change temperature thus causing flow fluctuations. these currents regulate the dispersal of cool/warm water to thermally stabalize the planet. without the ocean currents or even a change in currents can cause extreme temperature changes on the surface of the planet.

resolution: aside from looking at and limiting co2 emissions from industrialized nations, why not train whales to keep the currents warmer in the cold spots. apprently, whales are mammals. HUGE mammals with HUGE digestive capabilities.

3. global warming is affecting the temperature at the poles. with less white snow to reflect the heat of the sun, this will undoubtedly cause a temperature increase, causing polar caps to melt. this has been studied recently and has been concluded that sea levels are rising in part from ice sheets melting.

resolution: well, a huge fctor in this warmth is the reduction of the ozone over the poles. this is caused in large part by mn's irrespoonsible abuse of cfcs and various aerosol byproducts. even though many cfcs have been radically reduced in industrialized nations, there is still the issue of the ozone collapsing. i decree that in order to repair the ozone over the poles, we should send armies of anti-cfc cells to the poles to devour these pesky cfc's.

4.the worlds dependency on fossile fuels is another HUGE factor in global warming. the emissions from our energy producers, our transportation, even our food production is affecting the atmosphere in detrimental ways.

resolution: some strides have been made recently with renewable resources such as solar energy and wind energy, even hydraulic dams have been made. even though these are great benefitis to the environment, they still affect the ecosystem. these powerplants require a lot of land and water to work to our benefit. some people have taken this a step further by powering their own residences with personal power devices, be it solar or even wind. these people are setting a good example for the rest of us. but what can we do to respond to the issue at hand?

i say everyone should get a hand cranking flashlight or radio and start cranking. all the energy spent on cranking will be reciprocated in an event so grand it will inspire awe to every nation witnessing it. america will be the leader of hand cranked energy that they dont know what to do with. an increased energy reserve.

5. the salinity of the oceans is decreasing. they are becominng increasingly fresh on the sruface from all of the land based ice melting off of greenland and antarctica. this causes the ocean currents to slow keeping the ecuatorial regions warmer and decreasng the atmospheric regularity in percipitation.

resolution: well, polar bears and penguins are not happy with the decrease of their ecosystem and reliance on a solid mass to fish on. this anger is then brought to nations who get upset because they are losing their shoreline. i say there are 2 options:
1: decrease our co2 emissions, in an attempt to stabalize the warming of the planet.
2: build a HUGE wall around our shorelines and ignore the rising sea levels and angry bears. we have to retain our beaches at ALL COSTS defending them with bear killing soldiers if necessary.

6: warming is not only affecting bears and penguins and our shorelines. it is affecting our water supplies. how? well... with higher temperatures, regions that rely on snow capped mountains' melt water in the spring/summer for their water are increasingly getting sparse. it has been documented that snow capped mountains around the planet are increasingly having less time with snow capped on them. this causes droughts of cataclysmic proportions. or could be at least.

this is a hard one to really remedy. i mean,a lot of people are dependent on the snow capped mountains in the rockies, atlas, himaleyas(sp?), and other craggy mountains around the globe for their water source. aside from trying to decrease the temperature of the planet via careful recycling efforts and ill and irresponsible use of water(ie: watering you lawn for way too long). i mean, who wants a dead lawn? i say, every town buy a snow machine and designate an area, a town park let's say, nd have it perpetually covered in snow. it will make many people happy. water to feed the hungry grass as well as a place to ski if so desired.

7. a trickle down effect from high co2 in the atmoshpere is the increased frequency of wildfires. this is undeniably on the rise around the world.

resolution: we have to come up with a way to keep these places wet, cool or fire retardant. i would venture to guessto make a forest cool or wet is a huge undertaking, esecially getting millions of people to be careful with their resource consumption. i say instead of being reponsible with energy and standard of living, it would be easier to train bears to use a fire extinguisher and place fire extinguisher stations in danger zones.

8. there are natural and man made causes of increased greenhouse gases that destabalize the ecosystem. i have touched on a few. wildfires. energy. transportation. industry. but what about animals? animals respire as well. they release co2 as much as we do. with the decrease of green areas around theworld to stabalize respiration, the earth is suffocating.

put animals in camps and only allow them to have 1 offpsring. that wll be a form of population control. to make it more interesting, lets give their offspring a cute name feed them once a day and charge people admission to see Bo-Bo the eagle.

9. our energy production is a creating a HUGE impact on the world's atmospheric stability. with excess and wasted enegry, people are wasting a lot of this and causing the expendiature of the means ot producing the energy. much of it being burning of fossil fuels, a HUGE detrimental factor in eco-stability.

there is a HUGE array of good, easy and responsible ways of limiting energy from being such a huge factor in global warming. use florescence bulbs. turn off what you are not using. carpool. take the bus. open a window. very simple things. but are they reallyTHAT simple? i mean, if helping the environment were that easy, why isn't it? i say people simply don't know or are aware of what they can do. i say as a whole we should attach a note to millions of balloons at set them up to the atmoshpere and allow them to pop raining their messages across the globe. this will positivly affect the environment in several ways:
1. the sheer volume of balloons will darken the skies, reducing the sun's penetration and earth's retention of heat. cooling the surface.
2. the gas in the ballons will increase the helium in the atmosphere.
3. the popped baloons will create a safe place for fish to hide from birds.

and finaly

issue 10:
permafrost isnt as "perma" as it used to be. much of the world's permafrost regions are thawing, releasing gases into the atmosphere.

drop kegs into the area. this will cause college students to flock to these areas, bringing loads of ice to keep their brew nice and cold. THIS will stabalize the environment.


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